Fiberlink Business Consulting LLC is the largest deep offshore and onshoredeep Oil and natural Gas Marketer.
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Fiberlink Business Consulting LLC is a midstream and downstream subsidiary Business Unit under the Sparrow Offshore Service, with the primary responsibility of profitably and efficiently marketing of either raw crude or refined petroleum products in the domestic market and ensuring products supply efficiency either from domestic refining or from imports and exports.

Fiberlink operations cut across the Sparrow Offshore Service's with over 21 Oil Well Drilling contiguously located across the world, private depots, satellite depots among others. Fiberlink has interfaces with all categories of marketers, and other key players in the oil and gas value chain. The company places emphasis on availability, affordability, and transparency in the distribution of products; stakeholders' management; and cost optimization/profitability.

Fiberlink Business Consulting LLC has an ambitious growth strategy including plans for increasing the rig fleet by adding state-of-the-art equipment where opportunities arise and developing further international markets.

To actualize its objectives, Fiberlink has automated its business processes in line with global best practices. Our activities include bulk sales of the underlisted crude oil and petroleum products to coastal, credit and independent marketers.

  • PMS (Premium Motor Spirit)
  • AGO (Automobile Gas Oil)
  • DPK (Dual Purpose Keresone)
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  • ATK (Aviation Turbine Kerosene)
  • LPFO (Low Pour Fuel Oil)
  • HPFO (High Pour Fuel Oil)
  • SRG (Straight Run Gas)
  • Bitumen

Marketing Consulting Services We’re a B2B marketing agency that applies the best practices of marketing communications, with a thorough focus on digital marketing — especially inbound marketing. Our oil and gas marketing services reflect an incomparable knowledge of the upstream, downstream and midstream sectors. With a short learning curve, we provide in-house subject matter experts to assist your executive management and marketing department with planning, strategy and implementation.

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