Fiberlink Business Consulting LLC is the largest deep offshore and onshoredeep drilling company based in the United Kingdom operating 19 drilling and workover rigs and a wide range of drilling and associated services to the oil, gas, shale gas, gas storage, coal, CBM, mining, water and geothermal industries and for specialised geoscientific drilling projects in Europe and selected international markets.
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Specialist Services

Fiberlink offers a range of integrated service packages and alliance relationships for special projects. Fiberlink also offers service groups a drilling capability for their integrated service projects.

In certain cases, the Company also offers a combination of reduced rates together with a working interest consideration for drilling services to facilitate exploration and development by small independent companies.

The capability also extends to include deep drilling and associated services for high quality geoscientific investigations for such projects as geology and hydrogeology characterisation, carbon capture feasibility and investigations of sites for radioactive waste disposal.

Other services include cementing in certain locations, waste treatment and disposal services.

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